The second foremost, spend your money wisely. Be conscious and calculative on what you are saving and spending.

The best quote by an iconic investor Warren Buffett says,

With respect.


  1. Have a self-talk by saying, “Far enough and fair enough”.
  2. Keep calm and think deeply.
  3. Just don’t show off.
  4. Find your balance.
  5. Deliver something good to the living creatures.

Just two more, please.

  • Read, read and read.
  • Explore, explore and explore.

Some of the quotes are new but some of them also comes from the lessons that I had learned in the last year, which I am supposed to implement in this upcoming year.

I started thinking a bit more deeply over just an hour about what kind of quotes should I able to follow, not only for success, success and success. But in order to learn every moment, and to live the life wisely.

Ladies and gentleman, so every year, I deliberately set myself some of the quotes not only for my mind-set also to my heart too. Along with your strong mind-set, you need a good and strong heart too.

Respected readers,

Please have look at the above quotes, if you find useful and purposeful to follow all or anyone. Go-Ahead.

This 2021 must be an important year all of us across the globe. I felt sluggish to re-iterate about pandemic. But we should learn to protect our self and we should learn to help others too. Catastrophic so far. We need to be more reliance than last year. We should not give up at any cost.

Take care of your mind and body. Be active. Deliver values.

With respect.