I still have no idea, where to start the lessons that I have learned over a week.

It took a week to back and blog and started focusing on the works that I had been doing so far.

Couple of days before, I had a 9 hours travel from noon to night to visit my room where I stayed. Looks pretty ugly. Because I am quite happy to visit my place (my room) where I worked and my favourite place to study and the environment and everything.

After opening the door, I could not able to enter. Not even a step. Cockroaches were roamed very well and finally died even more spider conquered and well settled.

Oh almighty. But thank you almighty. My books are absolutely clean in my wardrobe. But newspapers and my whiteboard seems too nasty to clean.

Finally, I cleaned it in five hours in a determined way. I haven’t slept the whole night. Again, by the next day, back to my hometown. No sleep, while travelling. Just thinking about what I forgot. Precisely, which book I forgot. Keep on thinking.

Then the next five consecutive days, I could not sleep that leads to blur on my each and every work. I just start the day by writing journal (Some point, I miss, But I do write separately every night) or reading or watching a documentary. I could not give my full attention to any of the particular activity. That caused over the last 7 days. Severe sleep deprivation.

Yesterday, my eyes was uncomfortable. I just look into my mirror. I, eye gazed myself and noticed down to my eyes looks swelling. Very bad to look at my face.

Then I started a bit by bit and started learning and thinking deeper.

What’s wrong with me?

Why I again started not follow my 6 hours of my sleep schedule?

Just last two days, I was trying to write. There is no clarity within myself. My mind just roaming. I do have few contents to start. But I could not focus at all.

I said to myself, I should I have proper 24-hours schedule. If not sometimes, that’s okay. But not too suffering.

Even I am writing this content in the mid-night only.

I should change my time of blogging. In order to smooth and consistent process in my future blogs.  

Why am I writing my personal story here?

The lessons are, the 24 hours-cycle in our human body and our productivity supposed to in chronological way.

Some of them who are doing night-shifts differs.

I would sincerely suggest to all of my respected readers, having 6 hours of perfect sleep and work 75% productively in 18 hours. Remaining 25% of 18 hours is the leisure times.

To me, I totally stumbled here in this process over a week.

Ladies and gentleman, my extreme apologize to “the most respected readers”.

With respect.


Is there something wrong with me?


I’m really good.


Am I simply keeping the burden which not at all to be carried?


Should I really applying the principle “let it go”?

  1. Foremost, I started feeling like my performance has been deteriorating?

Is it true?

Or false.

  • Why my mind getting too agitated?
  • Why I started having enormous concentration dismissals?
  • What kind of mentality do I have to hold?
  • What kind of new and old habits I should have?
  • Should I really need a break or relaxation during the day?


  • Am I too concerned and stringent about time?
  • Where my most of my time spends?
  • Am I really talking less and working more?
  • Do I have a strong optimism?
  • Am I balancing the tasks or simply thinking myself I am balanced?
  • Am I too rushed to perform?
  • Am I too ruthless to improve?


  1. Do I have a gradual and consistent improvement?
  2. What is going on 24- hours?
  3. What is going on within me in 24- hours?
  4. Do I have vast priorities?


  1. Will my every priorities are getting done every day?
  2. Should I learn to take deep breath and deep calmness?


  • Should I have to have adequate aggressiveness and patience?
  • How can I follow/maintain the flow of work?
  • Am I getting the deeper understanding to becoming wise?
  • Am I living or worrying about the perform every day?
  • Should I have to learn to new approach about the “art of living”?
  • Can I take this day as an opportunity granted?
  • Should I have to take one brighter step towards the altruism?

These questions arose within me over the last 35 minutes. I believe and I knew I have the answers. I have to learn search within me.

If I could able to arise a questions, definitely I could able to find the answers too.

Respected readers, if you approached my 26 questions.

Will these questions impacted your life?

Please note it down and find an answer within yourself too.

With respect.