VALUABLE LESSONS: Sifting Through the Coronavirus Pandemic. Information hygiene for the Covid-19 infodemic.

I was curious and furious to learn and research more and more about the infodemic. I just keep on searching for the informative articles research papers, pictures and videos. It took a me quite a while to read this particular article and moving forward to share. I do prefer to share more and more. I wasn’t doing selective one. But I see moreover, relevant and recognizable one. I cannot pick and share as it is. That wasn’t quite okay.

I could give you information about the author, summary of this article and the methodology.

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Learn the skills that will make a dramatic difference in your ability to sort fact from fiction on the web (and everything in between).

About the Author:

Mike Caulfield is a digital information literacy expert working at Washington State University. He has worked with various organizations on digital literacy initiatives to combat misinformation, including AASCU’s American Democracy Project, the National Writing Project, and CIVIX Canada. He is a winner of the Rita Allen Misinformation Solutions Prize, and the author of the award-winning textbook Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers. His approach to digital critical consumption, often referred to as the “four moves”, is popular among those teaching first-year college students how to evaluate and contextualize information sources. His work has been covered by NPRThe Chronicle of Higher Education, and The Times (of London).


  • Small habits and skills can dramatically reduce the misinformation you spread or believe.
  • You can learn these skills in less than an hour, and the skills can take as little as thirty seconds to use.
  • We’re going to teach you these skills.
  • If you want, you can jump to our first skill — the simple hover. Or read on for more information about our fact-checking/source-verification model


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A sportswriter’s life means never sitting with your wife or family at the games. Still working after everyone has gone to the party… Digging beneath a coach’s lies, not to forget those of athletic directors and general managers and owners of pro teams. Keeping a confidence. Risking it.

Dan Jenkins

I am a professional sportswriter, among other things, and I take the games seriously. It is only one of my many powerful addictions, and I don’t mind admitting any of them.

Hunter S. Thompson

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In 2005, Mary Garber became the first woman to win the Red Smith Award, the Associated Press Sports Editors’ highest honor.
In 2005, Mary Garber became the first woman to win the Red Smith Award, the Associated Press Sports Editors’ highest honor.Credit…The Winston-Salem Journal


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Even more to understand, how does the global economy works?

It takes time to understand the complete process of the global economy, but to gather certain relevant data and some of the books are required.

I think, we, each of us knew our own country’s growth and GDP. Simultaneously, we should start to learn about the global economy, advanced economies and emerging economies around the globe.

I am paste the source link down below and some of the books to read about the global economy too.

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