Quite mind-boggling and lot of goose bump moments while watching the movie The Imitation Game.

Alan Turing , in full Alan Mathison Turing, (born June 23, 1912, London, England—died June 7, 1954, Wilmslow, Cheshire), British mathematician and logician, who made major contributions to mathematics, cryptanalysis, logic, philosophy, and mathematical biology and also to the new areas later named computer science, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, and artificial life.

The moment the movie got over, I started searching documentaries and started finding books too. Precisely, Alan’s curiosity on building a machine and decrypting enigma code seems too interesting in the movie.

It was really special experience to watch this movie. I won’t simply watch a movie or reading stuff for entertainment purpose. Something has to impact me. Not purely based on motivation. Of course, there should be a motivation. Along with that, particular character/scenes/words/statements/books are the one that drives humans in an impactful way or in a professional manner.

I would sincerely encourage the readers to watch this movie.

Here are the quotes and insights from Alan Turing.

One more interesting article, I found which is from, 8 things you don’t know about Alan Turing.

1. He was an Olympic-level runner.

2. He embodied some values of the Hippie movement.

3. He got bad grades and frustrated his teachers.

3. He got bad grades and frustrated his teachers.

5. He developed a new field of biology out of his fascination with daisies.

6. He stuttered when talking.

7. He didn’t keep his sexuality a secret among friends.

8. He refused to let a punishment of chemical castration stop him from working.


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Life will never stops giving lessons. If we think, last moment or yesterday or last year. There is a lesson (something) you can learn. It impossible to say there is nothing to learn. It’s paradoxical. If you started having a sensational feeling, there is a lesson I learned from this experience. Those experience either makes you joy or misery.

Fine. Apart from emotional/sensitive experiences.

I am articulating, there are some of the lessons will makes you to understand about the reality in life. Rather than happy or sad.

In my life, speaking with quite straightforwardness, I started understanding very few lessons. I need to keep myself and I should remind often. I never care much about whether that (few) lessons makes to happy or sad.

But those lessons made me to understand “to live the life wisely”.

Once we started learning/realizing, this is the lesson has life given me. Then our peaceful life starts.

Why am I sharing these lesson from this movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”?

This is one of the best entrepreneurial movie to watch. And there is lot to learn from this movie too.

Here I searched and researched about two types of lessons from two different sources.

Let’s ready to learn the valuable lessons.

Here are seven lessons I’ve learned that you can take away from his story:

1. Being good friends with your employees means they will do anything for your company.

2. Do not rule someone out because of past issues.

3. Social gatherings are a great way to build company culture.

4. Be careful about what you are sacrificing for money or success.

5. Sometimes it makes sense to quit while you are ahead.

6. A competitive or intense company culture has pros and cons.

7. Take life a little less seriously.

The movie can be applied to the world of business.

Here’s three business lessons from the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”:

1. Leaders have a vision.

2. Develop the best out of your employees.

3. Have the ambition to succeed.

Conquer your fears by enlarging your vision, build your team, and dream big!

I would sincerely encourage you all to read the full post by visiting the sources down below.


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Compiling Reports:

Reports are formal documents that will be read by others. They must always be accurate and well laid out, finishing with a definite conclusion. If you have been asked to write a report, make sure that it fulfils all the requirements of your original brief.


·      Be ruthless: cut out all unnecessary words in your report.

·      Tailor reports to suit what you know about the recipients.

·      Seize the opportunities to present your report in person to an audience.

·      Avoid making any unsupported assertions or conclusions.



1.    Do make each report interesting.

2.    Do use verbatim quotes from interviews.

3.    Do emphasize your most important findings and facts.

4.    Do use numbered paragraph to make cross-referencing easier and to keep points separate.

5.    Do use headings for changes of subject and subheadings for related themes.


1.    Don’t waffle or write unbroken, long paragraphs.

2.    Don’t use the first person singular (“I”) or allow your personal prejudices to show.

3.    Don’t indulge in digressions or go off at tangents.

4.    Don’t draw conclusions from insufficient evidence.

5.    Don’t print your reports without thoroughly checking your sources.


Presenting your conclusions with excellent AV aids and speaking skills increases the impact of a report handed out at a meeting. Visual messages sell a report in an immediate way.


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Identify yourself, who you are?

Just ask yourself! The movie talks about a lot. But if you(the readers) are interested to watch the movie. You will realize. Definitely, who you are?

The word forgiveness is such an observing lesson in the movie.

I had seen the movie, because, I love sports movies. Actually, I’m a sportsman not professionally. But, I just started playing my games in my college days. My sports are Marathon and Tennis. Here marathon, the moment I saw the trailer. I jumped and my head touches the sky. Sounds awkward, but I loved it.

In the final race, the right motivation given by her father was absolutely phenomenal.

Although, being a coach is not easy at all. Mr Alex Kendrick (John Harrison) was spectacular. Because not only as a coach but he helped Aryn Wright-Thompson (Hannah Scott) to meet her father.

Apart from his game as a Basketball coach, he just consoled himself and prepared for the next the game.

The inspiring moments are Mr John as a coach, he didn’t say no to cross country. But he asked, how can I?

It shows that he is interested to coach her. But he doesn’t know much about the game.

The moment, I saw the coach in the movie. I would love to remember my coach. I missed him a lot.

At last, he himself prepared and got more guidance from the girl’s father Mr Cameron Arnett (Thomas hill). Precisely, his wife Shari Wiedmann (Amy Harrison) was the right hand for him.

The understanding between them (John and Amy Harrison) was a quite notable one in the movie. And the way they consoled themselves after some hard arguments. Sounds beautiful.

Finally. Almighty is great.

I sincerely recommend this movie to all. I should not say the story of the movie. It’s absolutely illegal. You(readers) will understand, once you watch the movie.

Anyway, I just pointed out the few inspiring and heart-touching moments of the movie.


With respect.