Sometimes, life hits harder than ever before.

Tolerating the hard moment is fine too. But if we are unaware of “what to do next”. The disastrous moment could be even more.

To fight, we should foremost, move out from that particular place and think, think and think.

  1. What’s next?
  2. What are my plans?
  3. What’s my plan-B?
  4. What’s wrong with me?
  5. What’s my progress and results?
  6. How can I learn more to fight this particular situation?
  7. What I am learning from this experience?
  8. How can I avoid in future?
  9. How can I reach my destination even though my path is gets changed?
  10. How can I convey this situation to my mentors/my well-wishers?

These are all some of the questions, that are supposed to be answered for our development.

The reality is, I think, there could be someone who share your pain and motivate you to move forward.

Sometimes, you must learn to rise. Because people may not come for you.

So it is your life. If you aren’t brave enough to proceed further. That’s the real problem in your life.

Do not lose yourself.

Still, good things await.

Life isn’t over yet. Life often gives us problems, we must be ready to solve. I think, if we are ready, half of the problem would be solved. We must show eagerness to fight with our problems.

Two rules to fight with our problems in our life.

Rule no: 1 – Don’t be lazy.

Rule no: 2 – Do not hesitate.

Whether you decided to live a peaceful life or settle down in your professional carrier, no matter what.

It is up to you.

We could able to view, every problem is an opportunity for us to prove ourselves.

With respect.

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