Quite successfully, my blog is marching a-head into 3rd year.  

I couldn’t believe at all in the last two years what was happened in my blogging journey. Enormous mistakes I had made.

Consistency is one of the most apt word for my blog and just one more I could say with humility choosing something new content every day. Maybe I could write or I could share an article and more often pictures.

It’s been a tough fight within myself to write every day. Sometimes chaotic or good. But I would like to write. I do have something to say every day. Holding a strong purpose, I started my blog.

My next plan, It’s been more than a year, I said my in blog. I would like to write an academic paper once in every week. I was preparing and preparing. Still, my rhythm wasn’t good to start. Precisely, focusing on APA and MLA styles in writing and reading academic papers and how they written in a format/manner. Some of my contents are ready to write. I am still looking into a bit more intensive research. There is nothing wrong to start right now and allowing yourself to make mistakes and then learn from it.

In my side, still I have to give extreme push for preparation. Then I will write.

I am deliberately approaching and practicing of doing podcast in my blog.

My sole purpose,

I started preparing to teach in my podcast. Over the last 3 years, I started preparing and writing exams to qualify for teaching profession. That’s my sole purpose. So, through podcast might be twice or thrice in every week. I decided to teach. I’m make sure, rather than reading what I wrote. Something more explanation I could deliver.

I do have vision in my podcast. I did a clear pep talk within myself.

I decided, I do have very few subjects to teach. I cannot say, I am adequate enough to be good at subjects to teach right now. It will take some time to do those stuff. That’s the reason. I am still giving time to train myself to gain certain communication skills with very good preparation on subjects.

When it comes to teaching, you have to have a very good amount of fundamental knowledge in subjects that you would like to teach.

I am not blindly or arrogantly making a statement. Only a teacher has to teach.  

I noticed people in and around. Every human has a knowledge on something to teach including myself. But if you are decided to make a career in teaching. You need more skills, training required and you need to qualify by writing exams in specific subject or few more. PhD required too.

My short term goal is to write;

  1. Academic paper (Once in every week).

My medium term goal is to do;

  • Do a podcast and teach the subjects you know.

My long term goal is to;

  • “Write more”. “Read more simultaneously”.   

Respected readers,

Finally, I would like change the timings of my blog to post. Most probably in the morning or evening. Every day I am writing in the midnight according to IST (India Standard Time). I will definitely confirm you all.

With respect.

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