VALUABLE LESSONS: Geoffrey E. Hinton the Godfather of AI.

Over the last two years, my curiosity and misunderstandings in AI Artificial Intelligence was skyrocketing. I was such a beginner to read passionately about data and AI. More often, I misunderstood. But still looking for books, research papers to read and videos on AI documentaries and experts lectures too. I watched a video from Bloomberg Quicktake YouTube channel by Bloomberg Businessweek’s Ashlee Vance meets the “Godfather of AI”. I downloaded it. It is still my YouTube offline video. This is the moment where I started going quite a bit deeper on professor Hinton’s work and visiting his website and started reading some of the materials and watching lectures. So far I could see more on professor lectures on Neural Network and Deep Learning.

Professor Hinton got his PhD on Artificial Intelligence in University  of  Edinburgh 1978.

If readers look at his website, you can see more academic work or if you look at his Wikipedia these are his fields; Machine Learning, Neural Network, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Object Recognition.

So here, I searched professor Hinton’s views on AI, Deep Learning and few more through pictures. Please have a look.

I would sincerely encourage you all to visit the links down below.


With respect.

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