This above pic, really touches the bottom of my heart and my conscious mind too. When I started searching pictures, the above pic comes across in the midst, I started thinking few minutes. Most probably, I should read every book minimum twice here-after. I had a pep-talk with myself and decided to read. That’s it. Because, whatever we are reading, it should stays in our heart and mind.

Most of the books which I read so-far, I do have a set of feeling, ‘gosh’, why this book ends. It’s not simply funny to say, the special experience/feeling while you reading or you are in the last page of the book. Then, to me, it seems inevitable to me to avoid this particular pic.

The next moment, I decided that, this could be the right moment to include this pic. Because quite honestly, I knew that reading a book one more time or even few times, makes us to dig deeper/clarity.

Let’s appreciate the story foremost and let’s appreciate the writing. Let’s do it.

With respect.

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