VALUABLE LESSONS: Unexpected Lessons from Bob Dylan.

In “Things Have Changed,” Dylan confesses:

“People are crazy and times are strange

I’m locked in tight, I’m out of range

I used to care, but things have changed”

I know I can’t be alone in this familial struggle, and so I challenge you to really think about why you are entering into each discussion you have during this exhausting time. These are some of the questions I’ve been asking myself when deciding whether or not to engage.

  • What am I trying to gain? What is the end goal of my engagement?
  • Is this productive? Will I or other participants learn something valuable?
  • Will I be able to move past this discussion in a reasonable amount of time, or will it burden me?

The community building aspect of RJ is critical during this time, but we could all also learn something from the values of conflict resolution. You don’t owe anybody your engagement in conflict, but you do owe yourself kindness as you continue to settle into our new normal. Dylan reminds us, “People are crazy and times are strange…things have changed.”

To read the full post, I would sincerely encourage you all to visit the source link down below.

By Ali Hurst on May 6, 2020

Posted in Restorative Justice Fellows


With respect.

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