VALUABLE LESSONS: What Writers Can Learn from Eminem.

There is always something to learn from something/someone.  

Let’s step-aside from hesitation and ego, and let’s start learning something from anyone.

Along with reading and writing, simultaneously every writer supposed to learn apart from his/her habits (reading and writing).

To me personally, I notice vocabularies, accent, way of conveying, gradual pace from writers and speakers. Even more, I do consciously notice from singers, independent artists, documentarians and poets too. Rather than simply enjoying the song. Foremost, lyrics, music, background musicians and the instruments they use and the more precisely I search a “song making” video for a particular song. Although, it seems inspiring but it clearly shows “the reality of an independent artists/singers/composers”. Sadly, way they deeply struggle, to write a lyric and compose a sing with the background musicians and several rehearsals. Well, might be for some people the path could be smooth or their innate abilities sounds enormous. More sadly not for all. Most of them are “making it happen, no matter what. I, myself one of the example here. I am still stretching and I am a sculpturer too.  

With all the aforementioned, we should ready to listen and learn from the people who are performing. So, let’s search, research and observe their valuable lessons.

Respected readers,

You could see my last two posts, the valuable lessons from Katie Melua and Eminem, I would say their lessons are ground-breaking.

Still, we can learn a lot from all independent artists, documentarians, poets etc.

I deeply think, we should seek and get in touch with all of those artists more often through direct experience or we watch from their channels and websites.

There is always something to learn from something/someone.

Here, what writers can learn from Eminem?

Below are some important things I learnt from The Real Slim Shady:

  1. Write, Read, Repeat.
  2. Edit and Edit some more.
  3. Write from the heart.
  4. Start Strong and Finish Stronger.

To read the full post, I would sincerely encourage you all to visit the source link down below.


With respect.

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