Katie Melua is one of Britain’s most successful recording artists of the millennium selling more than 11 million albums, 1 million concert tickets and receiving 56 platinum awards.

Buying books is probably my biggest vice when I travel.

I never wanted to be a celebrity.

But I do believe in living life to the full and so I have no problems spending money on travel and holidays.

I am not saying everything’s perfect, but I embrace anything bad because that makes me appreciate all the good.

I’ve always been very open and unspecific about what kind of music I want to make.

I started writing and recording, at a very basic level, just in my own bedroom.

But I do think I’m quite a selfish performer in the sense that I’m not one of those that’s like ‘Hey, come on everybody lets sing along’ you know that kind of thing.

I’m enjoying doing research, to get better at the guitar, to get better at rhyming. That’s an essential skill.

When I had a mental breakdown I was 26 and the most important thing before that was my work. And I still adore it. But it was all that mattered and everything else was secondary: my relationship, my family, my own health.

My focus was, and still is, totally on making music, getting on the road and performing live.

I go into a book store and start having heart palpitations. I get very excited.

I don’t get to do that very often so to just have a completely free evening where your mind is relaxed enough to read a book is exquisite.

I think singing is such an important and incredible art form and it is quite undervalued at times.

To read the whole biography and quotes. I would sincerely encourage you all to visit the sources down below.


With respect.

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