We all are addicted to something that might ruining us.

Sometimes those addictions, which makes you felt happy/satisfied, that is where the problem starts. Particular habit or set of habits will store in your mind that command you to do every single day to make you happy/satisfy.

I started realizing these addictions and reading over the last just couple of days, I started coming to the conclusion, whether you addiction is with good intent or bad intent is quite dangerous too.

I think, I said few more times in my past posts. When I started blogging in the initial times, every day at 07:30 PM, I decided to write. My thought, whatever but I wanna write. I said to myself from the first post, I should not miss not even a single day, at any cost, at any moment.

I feel great when I was keep on writing, sometimes when I back to my hometown. I write while traveling. Feels too good. Sometimes, work pressure, circumstances seems too untidy. I could not pause my writing. Badly, I pushed it. Badly. Most of the times, I could not able to come up with the content. I pushed and forced my brain. Content aroused. Just pushing and gushing, sometimes makes be bit embraced and pain too. I wasn’t thinking at that time, am I writing with the flow or am I addicted “to write every day for the sake of dopamine ingredient”.

When the days goes along with my writings. I do have a quite a bit wider approach towards writings. I select a topic and get into bit deeper.

Am I searching inside and outside of my mind and body to “just write” in an addictive manner?


Am I thinking and deciding very well to deliver contents in a good manner?

I started having this catastrophe thought, am I addictive to writing?

I think, naturally every writer stretch his/her mind. That’s fine. I am not exceptional. But by letting yourself, the flow, to keep writing. That doesn’t mean you must write every single day. No more excuses. Nothing.

To me as an upcoming writer, if my reason is rationale, fine. I pause myself and once I get into the flow of writing. I do write and my flow continuous.

I knew that writing every day is very important. But your state of mind is saying to pause for a while?

Just pause it.

I asked myself when I took terrible one week break due to burnout and sleep deprivation.

What if, my addictions leads to stop my writing?

What if, my addictions leads to stop my natural creativity with regards to writing?

What if, I could not make come up with the on that particular day to write?

I sabotage, myself.

That is not okay at all for my profession. I should have to prepare and research for the content which I had chosen.

I understood, nothing to worry. Just recover and allow yourself the flow of writing. Do not push, you must write. Don’t get into the addictive mode.

Note down every content and just be prepare and do it as good as.

I wanna be gradual writer (I am a rationale writer too).

With respect.

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