Again there is one more valuable lesson: Yesterday, on LinkedIn, I had a conversation with a Signaling Engineer, Ashish pradhan. This gentleman asked me in a professional manner,

I want to learn about writing and make it my professional career, could you plz guide me.

Immediately, I said “Yes”. After a moment, I started thinking, what should I have to guide to the upcoming writers? Although, I thought for a second, I just writing over the last just two years, is it required to guide someone?

Then, I decided, I do have to something to say, something valuable, a valuable lesson,

Brutal fact is; my mistakes, my pitfalls, not editing after writing. So, I am ready to guide someone. I would love to share my experience and ready to say about my realistic lesson

I knew myself very well as a writer, I am not better in writing, but I do have a good writing with very good consistency and with openheartedness, I would share valuable information, stories, quotes and books too.

I remember very well about the mistakes I made as a writer. I took few notes on writing from those who guided me and even from books too.

Here I wanna sort it and then I need to deliver to him.

I started to deliver without any self-esteem about my mistakes and lessons. I completely decided to write.

I started by saying,

Hello Mr Ashish,

Great to connect with you. Again my extreme apologize. The reply was delayed by a day to you. I felt bad. But I am in extreme burnout and sleep deprivation.

Sorry to start with my personal story. It could be a lesson for you.

I am just, just been writing almost 2 years to the public readers by WordPress blog. So far I have written just 650+ posts. I have a huge and deep hesitation to show-off my writings to anyone when I was a diary writer from 2006-2019. I just learned I should come up and start writing. Let others guide you. Even more, if someone pointed out your mistakes. I will take it as “Constructive Criticism Accepted”.

Here, my lesson, foremost I would like to say to you is, please start writing right now. Today. I am deeply and badly struggling as a writer. Still, you could notice grammatical mistakes or editing part is completely missing in my blog. But I decided to be an editor too and started learning and simultaneously editing my past posts too.

No, there is nothing known as a good time to write or once you learned the 100% grammar or once your mind strikes something innovative idea to write.

I don’t think anything works. If it works you or someone, fine. Please Go-Ahead.

But you should start writing. Even if you have or not grammatical skills/innovative ideas.

A writer supposed to write. Even things aren’t working out.

Setting a target is fine. Example; setting “I will write minimum 250 words everyday”.

Just keep writing.

Read and write simultaneously. If you read for one hour and you should write for an hour.

Whether Fiction/Non-fiction. You can decide.

I would sincerely encourage you to start a blog and deliver it to the public. Or please write an article for a newspaper/magazine. Let them notice. Most probably, you could get guidance. I got in the initial point of times. Even a couple of week before. I got a guest post to my blog.

Not finally, have a purpose before you write. Please consider my point, do not write for a click or by giving content strategies.

Have a morality before you write.

You can start with a story or you say something before you share something valuable information.

1. Read more and widely.

2. Write. Keep writing.

3. After writing and keep reading what you wrote. If you could found any mistakes/any editing part is required. Please do check and rectify.

4. Read several times what you wrote.

5. Give it to your mentor or you well-wisher to read what you wrote.

6. Please don’t give up. If things aren’t working out.

Until things works, you need to keep writing.

For a writer, there is nothing called perfection. You should learn to be a better version on every piece which you are yet to write.

With respect.

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