The only way to fight against all the odds is to confront it. If the hesitation occurs or if we are in deep regret about what might happen on this or that situation. I think, our mind would collapse.

Just don’t leave the stuff simply by neglecting it. Just open your mind to see what are the bold possibilities that I can do? Rather than being lethargic.

Until now from my life lessons, I started stopping not only negative thoughts but also some unusual thoughts.

Why am I writing this content?

Over the last couple of days, I was ferocious about a particular issue. Believe me, I was too exhausted and evening I could not able to worry even a bit more about that issue?

I just tired mentally.

I gave a sudden pause.

Seriously, I have no idea. What to do further?

I drew two rules.

1. Just face-off.

2. Leave it. Do not care at all.  

If readers supposed to choose anyone of the above two rules. Yes please, they could decide depends on the situation.

I would suggest, when I got two rules, I started getting clarity. The first option seems challenging and it captivate me to prove it whether you are good/worthy enough to handle this issue. The second options also sounds wise, if number one rule is not working out. Just go for rule number 2.

It is also better to leave that issue. Just go forward and proceed further. I think sometimes you need to step-aside too. In order not to prove, but “never-mind attitude”.

Just, just leave it.

Nothing will gonna affect you, if you choose number 2.

Actually, nobody cares whether you face-off/step-side. They may or may not. But the only way to improve yourself is, you need to know what you truly want, not simply expecting what someone think.

In some scenarios it will work, just step aside from everything. If you wanna improve in your life. Just draw a plan and improve. Don’t compete with anyone. Set a target and work until gets reached. Whenever you made a plan and proceeding for actions. Just do it. Beat your target.  No matter, whomever says what?

We each one of us has a goal and to-do-something.

Succeeded or failed that is ultimately secondary. But the actions and approach you done that makes you goose bump. Joyous moments and a sense of accomplishment really makes you to move forward.

With respect.

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