Foremost, Happy prosperous and peaceful year to my respected readers.

Ladies and gentlemen, most probably, today is the last day of the year. Because at some places, the New Year has already begun.

Brutally, this year, most of the months ends with lockdown. Pandemic ruined people and their jobs and Standard of Living.

Let’s make a humanitarian move by helping one and another and spreading altruism and delivering food and water to those who suffer might be beside your home or wherever you see people suffering.

Let’s be extremely cautious about disease and infodemic.

Let’s keep our body, our home, and environment well clean.

Let’s make our own individual initiative to control this pandemic and infodemic.

When it comes to learning, this year most of the people would got some extra time to learn about what you love/what is required to learn in order to sustain and grow your prefession.

Well, let’s remember lessons that we learned in this 2020 and the resolutions which we created in 1st of January 2020 much need to revise once again. So far the progress and the results about the particular work or several work. I see myself those lessons are wise lessons. Those wise lessons are the brighter steps to the 2021. Those judgements gives the clarity on the upcoming work that you are decided to do in 2021.

  • Hope matters.
  • Bold moves matters. Even though, the tasks and decisions seems scary.  
  • Determined efforts much more needed.
  • Calculated predictions matters. Please don’t be too calculative or please don’t make any vague calculations. Have a look at the progress, and then come to the calculations. You will understand, how far your calculations gonna work and also you in the “tipping point” you could do some adjustments. The most relevant example is how you solve the Rubik’s cube.

I started habit of saying this year gonna be the prosperous/peaceful year.

Let’s have a strong beliefs and principles no matter what.

Let’s read, write, talk and the share values for the humanity across the globe.

With respect.

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