VALUABLE CONTRIBUTION: Seven ways you can master writing in every niche. By Shaziya Khan.

It is absolute honour to welcome the contributor to my blog who deliberately asked me to write a guest post. I would say again my honour. Still there are people came those who came up to the mark in their profession and started coming forward to uplift/preach someone’s work. I’m not gonna say, it is all simply branding/publicity. But you need bigger heart to contribute on others work. That kind of voluntariness still there, but even more required too. Almost a week before I wrote a post on MY NEW GUEST WRITER. I sincerely encourage you all to visit.

About the writer:

Shaziya Khan.

Experienced freelance writer, editor, proofreader, and tutor| shaziyakhan_writes (Online Writing Service Website) admin| Gift and invite cards designer.

(Note of Appreciation: Before I begin this article, I want to extend my gratitude to RATIONALE WRITER for giving me this opportunity to contribute to his amazing blog. It is a pleasure and a great responsibility that I share a part of my knowledge and experience with the newly emerging and old writers that are seeking to learn through the valuable content represented in this post.)

Seven Ways You Can Master Writing in Every Niche (A Complete Roadmap to The Writers of Value)

A lot of people want to be a writer, be it out of love for stories or because they think they got a flair for it and can play words like a pro. But, more often than not, people are clueless as to how to actually start writing—be it fiction, non-fiction, technical, or SEO. So, here I am going to lay down for you a complete roadmap to how you can not only begin writing but also become an expert at it.

  1. Passion: Don’t roll your eyes yet. I know you’ve heard this many times before and probably from writers or motivational speakers that you might have come across. Nonetheless, it doesn’t reduce its value. Your passion for writing is the foundation of your love for it. With passion, you’re going to keep learning, keep growing, but most of all, you’re going to enjoy every bit of your journey, even your failures.
  • Books and modules: Reading and writing are two peas of the same pod. You cannot begin to learn to write without a passion for reading itself. If you cannot read what you write then it’s certainly not worth being written. There are several books written out there about how you can become an expert in writing in your niche. Grab your favorite choice of books and indulge and learn through those books. There are also several sites on google where you can download books for free and read them at your own leisure. The brilliant feature about acquiring the knowledge and method of writing through books is a set of modules and example articles or other snaps of writing that give you a clear-cut idea of how you can write in your intended niche while also learning about different styles, formats, and applications.   
  • Blogs/videos: If you’re more of a free-spirited person and enjoys learning through various platforms, rather than a single source, then blogs/videos are the way to go. Thanks to Google, Pinterest, YouTube, and other such platforms you can learn everything you want to, right from your phone. Written and video-based content is often shorter and much simpler than a complex piece of a book. (Although reading books cannot be canceled out from the strategies.) There are thousands if not, millions of “how-to” articles and videos in all niches of writing that you can scroll through and learn effectively and also discover your very own style of writing.

In addition, these platforms are great for learning up-to-date marketing strategies and also assist in researching the topics you want to write on. There’s a whole mountain of knowledge out there, thanks to the internet and technology. A single tap is all you need to get hold of them.

  • Inspiration: Get started with stalking your favorite authors and bloggers now. Interact with all the bloggers you can. Learn from them. Share your ideas. Realize that you’re trying to grow in the world of connections, and so you cannot do it alone. Your role model in the field of writing can help you achieve your dream. Try getting in touch with their works. Stay updated with each of their strategies and releases. Your person of inspiration can literally change the whole level of your writing and build you into a writer like oneself. If you haven’t indulged in their blogs, videos, and books yet, start now.
  • Live courses: Often when you’re researching on your own and trying to learn by yourself you have to make sure that the content you’re investing your time on is of actual value. You have to not only find the right content but also cancel out unhelpful ones. This requires time, and if you’re someone who’s juggling between works or studies, it may be difficult for you. It may also result in you losing your passion or giving up writing altogether.

Live courses, however, walk you through the whole process without any research on your side, because the tutors do it for you. Another reason, why I wouldn’t recommend pre-recorded video-based courses for learning to write is because in live courses you can actually ask questions and clear your doubts immediately.

  • Write, write, write: If passion is the foundation of becoming an expert writer, then writing is your roof. In the end, writing is your main goal. You can’t master writing without extensive practice first. The more you write, the better you’re going to get it. It has been proved through studies that writing is one skill that can be developed through practice. Select from the various ideas that you can find on the internet or writing prompts and keep writing.
  • Get it reviewed: As mentioned before, through interaction with other writers, bloggers, and live courses you can improve your writing to a much higher caliber. There are several writers out there that are ready to help you. Don’t be discouraged if others don’t, you’ll still have many ready to help you anytime. Get in touch with them, and don’t be afraid to ask them a favor or two. Get your works reviewed for true feedback. This will help you determine if you’re going on the right track and take up several measures that you might need. You can gain several opportunities, tips, and experience in the niche you want to learn to write and grow through this amazing strategy.

So, those were the seven tools and strategies that will help you gain expertise in any field of writing. Give it your best as you use the aforementioned steps, and remember to keep writing.  

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