Quite honestly, I don’t wanna say the word again “guest”. I would invite them as a contributor to my blog, until my blog works. Simultaneously, from my side, I started preparing and getting ready to write and make an impact in someone’s blog too.

I welcome his/her to write. I do have a bright hope this gonna impact our followers.

So, precisely, I am whole heartedly welcoming in a professional manner Shaziya Khan.

Our collaboration starts, with regards to writing in one of the most professional network LinkedIn. Within a couple of days, I received a message by stating.

Hi! It’s lovely connecting with you. As a humble request, I’d like for you to subscribe for free for my online writing services and blog ( As the name suggests, it is a website where I provide various online writing services on a wide spectrum in different areas and fields that you or someone else maybe interested in too. Your one click can help me gain a subscriber while it will cost nothing to you. You will not only be able to have a quick writer at stand for your writing needs but also various blog posts and offers that help people interested in writing. If you have any questions, let me know. Thank you in advance. I hope to see you soon as one of my website subscribers. Also, pass on the website ID if you know anybody that maybe interested and you think can benefit from it. Have a great day ahead.

It’s an online writing service blog.

Even more, I would accept without any second thought as a “tutor” too.

I am ready to learn from her.

I started visualizing and understanding. Every writer is unique. Everyone has their own rationality. That’s fine. I foresee every writer and their writings as an inspiration.

If my respected readers noticed my earlier blogs, I written post “So far, my writing.

There I got an author, writer and book series respected personality Melissa Willis-Sell form my Facebook. It been more than a year, the post was written, but Mellissa’s advice still rings my ears.

Again one more delightful moment has happened again over a week with Shaziya Khan.

This moment gonna be the best step in my blog.

Candid. I never approached a writer/blogger to write a guest post only for strategizing/leveraging/diversifying.

I have no idea by using his/her contribution for my beneficial (blog). I fondly accept anyone without any inequality.

Ideally this gonna be the win-win situation. Beyond winning, I visualize having a professional relationship with other writers/bloggers felt quite proud and even more inspired by their writings too.

Still, I felt bad. Over a quarter, I could not able to read my followers writings. I pretty sure within a week. I gonna make a step to read most of posts from my followers posts too

I sincerely encourage you all to visit Shaziya Khan Blog link. I am gonna paste the source link down below.

With respect.

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