This is my 611th post.

Feeling really, really good. Because the path of my life on writing is so far, so good.

Of course, it is not a huge momentum. It is the time to turn back, the day I started writing my 1st post almost 2 years before.

 I seriously have no idea about the writing and way of writing. But I just started writing, writing and writing. I knew that I don’t have the proper writing.

What I mean is my objective of writing a post is considerably good. But the writing formats, grammar, framing the sentences and paragraphs are not okay. Still now I struggle to do it.

I feel like that’s okay.

At some point, I will realize the mistakes I made. Without working on something, you cannot identify the mistakes or you cannot improve. This is what I learned from writing.

Once you start writing, you will more likely know.

What are you doing while writing?

I mean, could you able to write what you mind says?

Could you able to deliver through words?

Could you able to frame the sentences with the proper grammar?

Why I raised this above question?

I struggled, deeply. While I start writing, there are some stories, thoughts, few vocabularies goes onto my mind. But I couldn’t come up. It’s hard to me to frame with the proper grammar.

Still, readers could able to spot pitfalls and even more major mistakes in this post too.

So far, you could see, my several posts, I could not write at all. I started sharing. I started thinking, why can’t I go with the people and doing some research about a personality.

Let’s share their life lessons and their works.

I started having two methodologies in writing.

One is my personal words.

The other one is, I go with some of the topics and personalities and started learning about them and sharing.

Quite honestly, this was my late post. I personally, when I was flow of sharing about some topics /personalities. I don’t wanna interrupt it.

Taking any topics/personalities. What I supposed to do is sharing quotes about the topic or a person and books and lessons.

So whatever, until the flow gets completed. I moreover never interrupt.

Readers could catch what I mean with the flow of my posts. Most probably, there could be chronological order in my posts.

Right now, I was writing in the mid-night. I still struggle to maintain the writing time. Even at this moment. I had beaten the procrastination. Started writing.

Feeling not okay physically but mentally ready.

But the truth is you don’t have to the time to write or you don’t have the time to do any of your favourite activity/work at all. You cannot fix a time to do.

You just start then and there.

When your mind punches you to do that particular task or wide range of tasks.

You just have to start and keep doing it.

This is how I started to write this post. To write this post, I was thinking (not how to write but when am I gonna write).

It’s been a long time to write.

Still I need to manage my writing.

2021 is on the way.

Let’s start thinking not about 2021, but how the 2020 goes.

What is the lesson?

With respect.

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