VALUABLE LESSONS: 5 Writing Lessons from Arundhati Roy.

Are you looking for some tips from professionals that may help improve your writing? Do you want to know the difference, or the secret ingredient that makes some writers stand out from the crowd? We’ve got the help you need! And, not just any professional, we have got “Arundhati Roy”, winner of the Booker Prize in 1997, to help you out with your writing! Here are some tips from her, which may inspire your writing style or may even help you write better.

1. The Voice
2. Best Book?
3. On Selfish and Generous Writers
4. All your Characters are a Part of You
5. Great Stories Have no Secrets

“In the Great Stories you know who lives, who dies, who finds love, who doesn’t. And yet you want to know again.” – Arundhati Roy.

To read full post, I sincerely encourage you all the source link down below. Because the most respected writer, Arundhati Roy has shared her personal experience on every individual tip.


With respect.

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