Valuable lessons: 10 Signs You’re A Highly Rational Thinker.

Are you a highly rational thinker? Do you spend more time thinking things through than acting on a whim? Here are 10 signs you’re definitely a highly rational thinker:

1. You think about the future more than the past.

2. You always ask for the reasons first.

3. You make plans often – and follow them.

4. You list the pros and cons when making decisions.

5. For you, reaching targets isn’t difficult; the key is to have the right methods.

6. You can get the information you want very quickly.

7. You seldom dwell on one thing for too long.

8. You love chess.

9. You keep a planner.

10. You don’t let emotions blind your judgement.

Many times emotions can keep us from thinking rationally and coming to a potentially obvious conclusion. However, you know better; you never let your emotions blind you from the obvious truths. You’re a highly rational thinker, and you’re able to put your emotions aside and do what’s necessary and correct, regardless of how you feel about it.

Are you a highly rational thinker? Did you find yourself agreeing with many of the points above? If you didn’t think you were a highly rational thinker before you read this, do you think you are now?.

To read the full article, I sincerely encourage you all to visit the source link down below.


With respect.

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