Valuable lessons: What did the Nobel Laureates read when they were young?

At some point, we might too curious to know what academicians are reading. Even more if we could see anyone what they are reading, a writer or a speaker or a journalist or any successful person.

Reading is the ultimate habit here.

I personally not point out the “reading habit” when it comes Nobel Laureates reading habit. Let’s take it as the lesson or might a piece of advice too.

There are enormous awards still across the globe. I don’t even know at all. I would take and proceed with whatever comes to knowledge. Even more I ask people and I do considerably a good research too.

To me as I writer, moreover, I should not fall in one-sided. Rationally speaking, here, I’m not pointing out the Nobel Prize is the superior one. To read about the people’s greatest work is something feels valuable/interesting and making us curious too. This is the categorical reaason, I started reading about the Nobel Prize nominees and Laureates.

Here is the long list which I should not share everything. I will paste the source link down below. And I sincerely encourage you all to visit further.

In their autobiographies, Nobel Laureates reveal their reading habits: how they got started, who spurred them to read on, and where they spent their time losing themselves between the pages of a book. Find out and compare with your own experience, or simply get inspired!


With respect.

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