5 books to read for context on the coronavirus outbreak. By World Economic Forum.

It’s extremely important to read. But more often depends on the time and the situation you should learn to flex yourself to read what is required at the time period. I started a target by reading a bare minimum of 2 books a month. One would be my favourite book and the other one would be, readers commonly heard this word “must-read”. You should not compromise.

Here, I’m not contracting about reading and the readers preferences. But let me be precise even more. If we are in the economic crisis, we must start learning finance/economics books. Along with your favourite books. We just need to know what is going on around the globe and we need to start learning on the other side too.

I started learning and observing more on the health related news. I knew that, it is my out-of-syllabus. So far my understanding was chaotic to read about the virus even more simultaneously curious to about how this virus causing the people globally and affects the economy too.

Here is where I learn to start. There are enormous books to read during pandemic . Again our individual choices matters. I agree. This is one of the five books to read during pandemic. To know about 5 books and what all the books says. I sincerely encourage you all to visit the source link further.

I personally chosen second book across five books which is VIRUSES A VERY SHORT INTRODUCTION. BY DOROTHY CRAWFORD. So, I’m genuinely admitting I need to know about the virus.

Let’s have a look and let’s know about the pandemic and the virus.


SOURCE: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/03/coronavirus-books-pandemic-reading-covid19/

With respect.

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