Valuable lessons: Leadership lessons from Linus Torvalds: 7 dos and 3 don’ts.

Foremost, I would like to say how I get to about the ‘most respected and inspired personality Linus Torvalds’. More often I watch more about the IT related videos such as coding and documentary and IT innovators those who created massive impact across the globe. When I started watching the “The Code: Story of Linux Documentary (Multilingual)”. I personally feel I need to watch one more time far more deeper understanding.

It took me more time to think, share and write about this article. Today, I got a good track. Thank you almighty.

Why am I sharing and writing about this article?

One of the trait I see is the leadership skill. I notice and learn very well. Without leadership, a single human cannot do his/her own way. I personally argue, you should learn to take the leadership as a duty and responsibility to lead people in a better way. Also you must ready to step down as a leader for the upcoming generations too. If you are being a leader at a given point of time. Do well and collaborate. Show your interest towards your teammates. This is the far most important quality I started realizing. Leadership is not arrogantly holding momentum. This is what makes me to search leadership quality about the Linus Torvalds.

I sincerely encourage you all to watch the documentary and click the source link down below to read the full article.

About the writer:

Josh Fruhlinger is a writer and editor who lives in Los Angeles.

You don’t have to take a page out of his book to learn some valuable lessons from how Torvalds has managed the sprawling, self-selected, volunteer community of Linux developers—both the successes, and what led to his self-imposed exile.

Do: Be “trustworthy”.

Don’t: Forget that everyone is watching you.

Do: Fight passionately for things you think are important.

Don’t: Go nuclear on the small stuff.

Do: Recognize that emotions are part of the job.

Do: Be consistent.

Do: Recognize that you’re setting the tone.

Don’t: Assume everyone will get to act like you do.

Do: Admit when you might be wrong.

Do: Be graceful about it.


With respect.

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