Valuable lessons: The Economic Impacts of Large Wildfires.

Here the real question comes.

How far these devastating impact will cost every individual/community/and overall GDP too?

What immediate economic policies/remedies/reforms/actions required to bounce back/ to normalize the condition of the economy?

Here is why I started thinking with little curious and a bit analytical mind-set. Might I’m don’t have much have clarity. But I do have the deliberate thought process about the impacts and the consequences.

Here the article taken from University of Oregon. The economic impacts of large wildfires. Just one more link, I would like to paste in the down below about “Study shows wildfires positive and negative economic impacts” from the same source of University of Oregon. I sincerely encourage you all to visit further.

This project examined the local economic impacts of large wildland fires in the western U.S.

Main Findings:

  • Generally, local employment and wages in a county increase during large wildfires; labor market disruptions from large wildfires are outweighed by the employment that the suppression effort creates in the short term.
  • Large wildfires lead to instability in local labor markets by amplifying seasonal variation in employment over the subsequent year.
  • Local capture of suppression spending is important because it helps mediate labor market impacts. For every $1 million spent in the county, local employment increased 1 percent during the quarter of the fire.
  • On average, the Forest Service spent 9 percent of wildfire suppression funding in the county where the fires occurred. Amounts of local spending varied from zero to 39 percent.
  • Contracts for suppression and support services are a central avenue for local capture. However, local business capacity appears to limit the ability of rural and resource-dependent counties to capture suppression contracts.
  • Counties with more federal vendors prior to a fire tend to capture more contract spending locally during a fire.
  • Capture of fire suppression contracts is concentrated in a few areas in the west.


With respect.

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