Valuable lessons: The Six Laws of PhD Failure.

  • 1st Law of PhD Failure – Choosing the wrong dissertation advise.
  • 2nd Law of PhD Failure – Expecting Dissertation Hand-holding from your Peers.
  • 3rd Law of PhD Failure – Choosing too Broad a Dissertation Topic.
  • 4th Law of PhD Failure – Procrastination.
  • 5th Law of PhD Failure – Ignoring your Dissertation Committee.
  • 6th Law of PhD Failure – Getting Romantically Involved with Faculty Members.

Regardless of the situation, you should simply keep in mind to be careful and keep your guard up. Finally, understand that if things go wrong in the relationship, it could become a serious impediment to success. Moreover, even with successful relationships, your academic success may be hindered by reports of gossip and peers linking any progress of your work to the relationship itself rather than to your own hard work. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

To read the full article, please click the source link down below.


With respect.

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