Valuable lessons: Careers in Machine Learning.

Here is the career comes in Machine Learning field. I could evaluate myself, the posts I had been shared are a very good one. So far, I covered the most notable and relevant one. When you had passion about the particular fields like Machine Learning. This is the time to know substantially about the overall career. To be quite chronological, this post has to my first post when I started writing about Machine Learning over the last just 4 days.

But when you keep stretching your mind with the precise motive. At some point, you could analyse, still what I can I write and deliver. I never say I made myself as a compulsion to write. It is all about my thought process with regards to it.

Even more I will to agree and quite ashamed to admit, there is a lot to write and which I could not able to think too. Let’s see in the future posts. I’m gonna test and challenge myself.

Overall, when I started reading and researching about this content, particularly, this is one of the article will give you the brighter steps to make a career in Machine Learning. If you had a passion to thrive in this field.

I’m will paste the source link down below. I sincerely encourage you all to read the whole story.

Finally, in this source link, you could able to see the Machine Learning tutorial. Every topic by topic. You can read.

Introduction to Careers in Machine Learning

Machine learning is the field of AI that provides the ability to the system to learn on its own without any human intervention at higher accuracy, due to which it is highly required in the area of Information Technology Industry and the developers working in these technologies are assigned the role of Machine Learning Engineer. Initially, it is followed by the Architect level position whose work is to design the prototype for the applications that needs to be developed, starting salary of the machine learning engineer as per the American website is 100,000 dollars annually.

Education Required for Machine Learning

Machine Learning needs a lot of basic computer science concepts and one should be strong in computer science concepts such as Mathematical, Data Structures and Algorithms subjects like computations, statistics etc. Strong knowledge of basic mathematics is also recommended. Machine Learning is the core component of Artificial Intelligence where one needs to show much interest and enthusiasm in learning these concepts.

  • Machine Learning is evolving quite rapidly and gradually nowadays. A lot of technology professionals are required in the coming years in the area of Machine Learning.
  • Machine Learning includes technology, mathematics, statistics, business knowledge and many technical and logical skills to excel in this area. Data analysis is one of the main elements of the Machine Learning area where this area mainly depends on data in which the machine learns on its own.
  • This requires a lot of valuable data to be processed before a machine is learning itself. A Data Analyst can easily transform his/her career in Machine Learning. Python is the most used programming language in the area of Machine Learning. This is also included in most of the academic programs as well in most of the universities.

Career Path

  • The career path initially starts as a Machine Learning Engineer, who will be developing applications that perform some common tasks done by human beings and this will be used for repeated things that will perform without any errors and produces effective results.
  • A Machine Learning Engineer role will be followed by the Architect level position in. The next level of a career path in the Architect level will be of some role to design and develop the prototypes for the applications to be developed.
  • Even a software engineer with some years of experience can switch their careers in the Machine Learning area. A Python Developer or a data scientist can also easily switch careers in Machine Learning.
  • Persons even without any experience in software engineering can also start their careers in Machine Learning if they have some string knowledge in computer science, mathematics, statistics etc.

Job Positions or Application Areas

In the area of Machine Learning, there are different roles available in the information technology industry to pursue the career are such as Machine Learning Engineer, Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Lead Machine Learning Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer Front Office and Back office, Principal Engineer – Machine Learning, Machine Learning Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Senior Data Scientist, Data Scientist IT, Senior Data Scientist IT etc. The Machine Learning Engineer possesses some strong core knowledge of Computer Science concepts, a solid Mathematics background with Statistics as well.


The national average salary for a Machine Learning as mentioned in another top salary information website is $120,931 in the United States.

Career Outlook

  • There are also multiple career paths to move after entering into the Machine Learning Engineer area like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Data Analytics etc.
  • An IT professional with some good communication skills and strong technical skillset with a solid mathematics or statistics background can reach some top heights in their careers like Senior Architects or Senior Subject Matter Experts in the career of Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence.
  • The requirements for the job positions in the area of Machine Learning Engineer in the United States are increasing daily in large numbers. Because of the day to day routine activities or tasks in the large customer based companies, the job handling responsibilities need to be very accurate and error-free for successful business deliverers to the customers.
  • Machine Learning Software applications or products are a great need for businesses to maintain the customers’ content data secure, Machine Learning Engineer is one of the best technological advancements available in the market to provide some high complexity business solutions.


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