Valuable lessons: 9 Applications of Machine Learning from Day-to-Day Life

We are using Machine Learning in our day to day life. We may or may not know, we you are using knowingly or unknowingly. If you start thinking over the last (just) 5 years, you will understand very well. What’s gone so far?

I think this is the right time to see and learn these kinds of apps and tools that we are using.

There is wise line. I would always say wise line. “You should learn to know what is going on across the globe too”.  

As I said, I’m not a tech-savvy at all. But I’m becoming. I would say, if you using or not, it’s would be better, if you know it in advance.

When I started reading this article from Medium website, I really wonder, is this Machine Learning apps?

My thoughts are roaming like a clock about Machine Learning. I just keep thinking. What can I start learning something new from Machine Learning?

I would like to share with purpose too.

Let’s look at it. I’m paste the source link down below to read the full article. I sincerely encourage you all to visit further.

  1. Virtual Personal Assistants.
  2. Predictions while Commuting.
  3. Videos Surveillance.
  4. Social Media Services.
  5. Email Spam and Malware Filtering.
  6. Online Customer Support.
  7. Search Engine Result Refining.
  8. Product Recommendations.
  9. Online Fraud Detection.

How do you Use Machine Learning Daily?

Please comment below.

Originally Published at: Daffodil’s App Development Blog


With respect.

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