Valuable books: What am I reading right now?

It’s been a long time to post it. It took me a time to finish it off. Every time, this content fascinates me. Reading a book and sharing with someone is such a special feeling. Books are always gifted. To me, there is no compromise to ignore a book. Over a year, I do started recommending and sharing books to my colleagues and my blog (avid) readers too. Most probably, I was rigorous because “every book is worthy”. Whenever, I got books in any social media, the next moment I will take a screenshot and share. That’s it, without any hesitation. And if anybody recommends a book, I note it down with my notepad. I usually carry too.

That’s okay to say, thank you almighty. I got attached with the books in my undergraduate college days. Those sincere crazy readings, I still remember. Even more, my readings at that point is the stepping stone of my career. I just did “keep reading and keep reading”.

Here are my lists contains three books. I started to finish within a month. But It’s a challenge. Let’s see.

1. Environmental Studies by N. Arumugam and V. Kumaresan. When I was in my first year of undergraduate days, there is paper called Environmental studies in my first semester. It’s almost been eight years. I still preserved it. Even after eight years, when I decided to start reading and writing about climate change. This book shows me the way to start from fundamentals.

2. The Elements of Style by William Strunk. I started reading it over the last just two days. The reason, I decided to read this book is to write properly. Very small book, but I started jotting, probably it takes 2 more days to finish it off. This is one of the book that shows the ways to write properly. I’m still not okay with my writing. This is the right moment to read. If you are yet to start or already started writing, you must read it and try to apply.  

3. A biographical book from the Indian perspective. Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru (Here, Pundit mean Teacher). The first Prime Minister of independent India from (1947-1964). It was an English book. Jawaharlal Nehru: Civilizing a Savage World by Nayantara Sahgal. But, I’m reading Tamil (It’s a language). நேரு உள்ளும் புறமும். In English, Nehru- Ullum Puramum by a Tamil author Jayanatarajan. The author translated into Tamil. Even more, I pay huge attention to read biographies and autobiographies from people (leaders) who left a legacy to the world.

If you people are interested to read this book. Go-Ahead. Please comment, what you people are reading right now.

With respect.

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