Valuable books: Books to read about Climate change.

Books shows you the way to read something new/something more.

After going through several articles, news and inspirational personalities to know about climate change. It started taking lot of time to pick up a book to read. As I said in my earlier blog posts, I decided to start with Naomi Klein’s book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate.

Because this is the first one I saw. Also, I would to like to continue to read other books with regard to climate change from the same author. Even more, I decided to pick few more to read. I just started researching, luckily, I got 21 books to read about climate change from The New York Times. Also, I just decided to pick the second book to read.

I personally encourage you all to read any of these 21 books or any other books too. This is also the right moment, we must know and spread the awareness about the climate change. I agree with you all, there are numerous problems still in outside. But this is the problem for entire planet, our “Mother earth”. Just a minute before, I arose few basic questions to my brother regarding climate, deforestation, humidity level of the planet and life span of the earth. He is very good at Chemistry and Geography. Even more, he is a well academician. The fact he delivered is, due to the emission of C0 which is one of the greenhouse gases, from vehicles and chemical industries affects ozone layer. This in turn raises the temperature of the earth and melting of glaciers which leads to rise of sea level. If you do think, our upcoming generations has to live. It is entirely our responsibility trying to save and earth.

We might have no idea, whether Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Robots gonna save/dominate our planet. From this moment, let’s start taking care our earth. It is all about individual initiative. We should be the volunteer.

If you would like to know the 21 books and other stuff. I sincerely encourage you all to visit source link further.


With respect.

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