Last night, this was my audio book. This is my long waited book. Quite honestly, this is my first audiobook. After a while, I started knowing the value of thoughts. With a bit nervousness, I started writing notes. I just wrote very important lines that strikes my mind. Most probably, I must listen again. Feeling not enough.

I sincerely encourage you all to read this book.

  1. Mind is the master viewer.
  2. A man is literally what he thinks.
  3. Act is the blossom of thought.
  4. A man is made or unmade by thought.
  5. Joy, goodwill and serenity.
  6. A man should have the legitimate purpose.
  7. To begin is to think with purpose.
  8. The higher he lifts his thoughts, the higher he will be.
  9. Dreams are the seedlings of reality.
  10. If a man is calm, he understands himself.

With respect.

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