Life is too hard not only for us, those who survived in the tough times. They just decided not to give up. They knew very well, there is no progress. But they started to keep moving a bit by bit. More often, they decided to a standstill.

They do self-talk with two questions:

  1. I never go down fighting.
  2. I never give up.

Giving up is such a comfortable option in life or profession. It is easy to give up. Once, you started learning not to give up. Once you started to fight back. There will be no second thought for giving up. It’s all about your instinct/mindset decides to fight back.

When things started plummeting, they console themselves and they say we are in the messy middle. So, we have to look at the vantage point (an optimistic view).

It is good to a standstill with holding dreams and desires. Rather than simply giving up. If you pause for a moment in the hard times. You can lean back and have a pep-talk with deeper questions.

What is my regret?

How can I bounce and in these hard times?

What are the pitfalls from my side?

What is my complete weakness?

Where are the possibilities to grow?

What’re the resources do I have?

To the extent, how can I survive?

These are relevant questions for not to give up.

It is better to wait for success, rather than quitting in the present.

It’s better to a standstill, rather than losing hope.

It’s better to look into the possibility of progress, rather than holding regrets.

Giving-up is too easy.


With respect.


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