The first step is to equip the students from school itself. Here, I’m not contradicting or making a controversial statement with college students or if a fresher joined in organizations or any experienced peoples.

I will motivate and convey values to anyone. Categorically, age is just a number. Any human can learn skills at any age. You can learn/acquire any skills until your last breath.

The point is, to me as an upcoming professor, it would be better if children can learn possibly within the school. So, this is one of the 9 In-demand skills that are highly required to engage.

All these nine skills are absolutely required. But the first one must. Money management is the most important skill. They must know how to save and spend. Even more, how to invest and diversify too. Rather than just the motto of earning money/making passive income/even building fortunate too.

I personally gonna be the volunteer to teach school students with these 9 In-demand skills. I had seen a few similar posts in Instagram too. Although, my thinking started getting a clear picture and rises questions within myself too.

  • Why school students aren’t getting many possibilities in these kinds of skills?
  • What will be the impact?

If these skills are learned. I promise and believe, their career gonna be massive.

This impactful pic got it from Twitter. I’m gonna share the source link down below. Please visit further.

Here it is.




With respect.





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