It took me more than a while to register a domain. Quite honestly, I was struggling financially. But I have a purpose to write. I was intent to write. From my first post, until today I have no regrets to write without domain. It is all about writing matters to me.

I have no idea when this domain name arose to me as a “Rationale writer”. I thought innovative. The word rationale mean “the fundamental reason or logic behind something, the justification behind something”.

I started having self-talk, whether this word “Rationale” applies to my every post. I scrolled down every post by post. Whenever I write a blog post, I write a reason behind it. I see a cause. Moreover, I could able to write why am I writing or sharing. Sometimes not. Whether pics or books I have a reason to post it. My each and every post had been posted purposely for a right cause and impact for an reader Even more, I have a vantage point too.

I have a second thought, I could seek help from my brother regarding domain. We were started discussing what’s going on so far from my blog. Categorically, I said to him. I got a new name for my blog. I should not waste. That’s it. I said, I don’t know how new it is. I need your help. Let’s type this domain and let’s see. Finally, things got settled.

Finally, I said to him. There is a reason behind to register a domain immediately because I have a new thought, I don’t know how it is. I would say “Universal Law of attraction”. When you are deliberately looking for something, the universe will open doors for you.

Still quite happy, often too. I’m still thinking writing is the journey. Domain seems fine. Let’s work and write rationally than ever before. Let’s write for a reason/logic. Let’s accept the challenge to write.


With respect.


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