This 100-day streak is the long-awaited one. And this is late too. My 100-day streak crossed ten days before. There is also a few set of posts inevitable. Quite frankly, there are hard times. Some of them are unexplainable. Still, I got the rhythm of writing.

I’m not targeting the numbers here, such as 100 or 1000. I should write every day. That’s what I see myself as a writer. No matter what, I should not give up. Because I don’t wanna lose the track. Again not the number, but the flow of writing that makes me feel like a writer.

Another most important track is let’s see how far I could able to write each and every day. I could challenge myself. Because I think is the third time, I’m writing 100 day streak. Felt odd. But, that’s okay. I could be happy and more determined to write a bigger picture than ever before.

Every time, when I complete the blog post. The happiness and sheer determination surround me. I could feel it.

Being an everyday writer, having a deliberate mindset to say about something valuable and sharing remarkable stories, pictures, articles, books, poems, Manager’s Manual, writings, entrepreneurship, technologies are crucial. Because my researching skills becoming good. I started finding more sources. I should not simply copy and paste as it is. But, I do have a motto, if I wanna write and share the content. I cannot do it simply for the catchy phrase or for the namesake.

Moreover, I should have a sense of purpose to write and share every post. Or else, the impact would be nothing. Readers could guess, this fellow is just writing and posting. Even more, quite honestly, I feel ridiculous, when I started writing new contents. Precisely, when I started about AI. I said in my earlier blog post, I started pursuing a Data Scientist course. I feel like, AI is also necessary to learn too. Here, I would like to learn AI. My target is to be very good at Data Scientist. On the other side, if you do start reading about AI and Deep Learning simultaneously. That will be very good.

Let’s see, how far I am able to write every day.


With respect.







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