455 POSTS = 1000 LIKES.

Annotation 2020-07-02 000734

I love you all my adoring readers.

It was a late post. I just keep thinking and drafting through the mind. I seriously have no idea how to write it, particularly this post.

Oh my gosh!

I could not believe it. Things happen so fast. I feel, when you concentrate on the work, the results will gonna be far better. This tiny momentum makes me goosebump.

Again these lines, I have to say to myself and my readers too. For a writer or any profession, these valuable tiny achievements are good and required. But the next day, we must get back to our work. This is what I keep on saying to myself.

I feel really happy. I started knowing very well. What it takes to be a life-long writer?

I would define, two words.

  1. Sincerity
  2. Dedication.

Matters a lot.

Of course, there are certain gaps in my blog posts, there are reasons too. Finally, it’s gaps are inevitable. I felt bad. Though, I’m writing with consistency. But I still wanna make more adjustments.

Because everyday morning, when I jumped out of the bed. I started thinking about the content. Which one should I have to write/which one should I have to share?

More often, when I started drafting, things will end up in chaos. But I still have to find away. I just console myself and I started searching a way to do more.

To the readers, you cannot give something ( as throwing words). I keep on asking myself,

Will the content gonna be meaningful?

Will it make a profound impact?

Is it valuable?

As a writer, what are you giving (the words) to the readers?

Pay’s off.

Even I personally could not accept the mistakes (grammatical and other stuff) in my posts. I’m gonna take a challenge to avoid the errors.

Since day one of writing, I stumbled a lot. Today, to this particular post, I feel a bit balanced with regards to writing.

My heart feels too happy. But my brain itching for tomorrow’s contents. I think, it normal for all the writers. Let’s be and stay happy.

Let’s do (write) whatever it takes. This is what successful people do every day.

Thank you almighty.

Thank you all. My most respected readers.


With respect.



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