This content is special to me. Because I could evaluate myself and this content will make an impact on readers too. When I started writing last year this same content, I felt good because I could able to see where am I. Over the last 3 years, I pay more attention to every resolution that I made every year. And every year, at the end of the 6th month and every last month of the year. I pay deep attention, regarding what I had done.

Since the 1st of January, we all made New Year resolutions to achieve. Half-a-year has been over.

This is the moment we need to evaluate our self.

How far our progress since January?

How far we widened our learning curve?

Are we still in the path towards what we had planned?

What plans worked so far?

What plans that aren’t working?

What is still pending?

What is the impact of every resolution (plan)?

Along with self-evaluation. We can start doing new things too.

At this pandemic moment, we are struggling and surveying. But we must look forward to exploring more. There is no compromise. We have to take care of our passion and we need to start working towards it. Things are gonna be okay.

I heard this statement several times in my life.

“Nothing is permanent, everything is temporary”.

Includes this pandemic too.

The most primary step is, we have to be safe and pre-cautious on our health.

I think we should not wait for things to become normal. Rather, we can develop hope. Let’s keep a bright hope. This is also the moment, we can think a lot more about the goals and plans.

Shall we take this time as a learning platform?

In these drastic times, I think most of us are doing work from home. And some of them are also free too. So, we might able to save plenty of time. Just allocate a set of time for doing new stuff. We could get into deep down on several things.

To be Practical, we have lot of things to do in normal day’s right!

Let’s do at this moment.

Let’s say that’s okay.

Let’s strive with this moment.

Let’s learn not to give up on this moment.


With respect.



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