This is the critical way to share it in the pictures. But my point is, either pictures or through words. I must convey in a legible manner. I’m also one of the curious guys to learn AI also started analysing the impact about the AI too. Quite frankly, I must admit that I am in a beginner stage to learn AI. Although, quite seriously I should take a step to learn too. I cannot say there is no possibility of learning. I believe there are few ways in which I was doing right now to learn either you can learn from AI reports, articles from World Economic Forum and Stanford University’s AI Index report and even more our favourite reading books Harvard Business Review books and experts those who written and observing and learning from AI start-ups and you have a look at what every sector are doing with AI and what would be the impact. Finally, watching documentaries.

Usually, I do share in five pics. Eventually, it goes to seven. That’s okay. These seven are the most important one. I could not reduce it. There is no way of reducing it too.

My point is, every pic never tells you how to learn AI. Only my first will tells you that’s it. But the next upcoming pics will be quite different with use cases, landscapes, how it works, categories, Chatbot.

Please correct me, if I’m wrong. I have no overconfidence. I more often find ways to do more. That’s it. I felt lucky and deserved too to post this content. I’m still working more and more.

In this Fourth Industrial Revolution, these are the important fields we got an opportunity to learn. There is nothing wrong with learning. If you felt curious or you feel a catchy phrase that sounds like you need to know. Or whatever it is. That’s fine. Let’s learn and deliver (write).

Without any hesitation, I will assure you all. You can learn something from this post.



I often welcome comments from you all. Constructive criticism accepted.


With respect.


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