What are Peter Drucker’s lessons for leaders?

The word “Leadership”. To me personally, it wasn’t an ordinary word or an easy one. When I was a leader in my final year undergraduate days, I felt the pain and pleasure of being a leader. I struggled a lot. I lost at important moments. I had few victories too. But, the burning desire within me. Till now, I feel like, I still wanna build my leadership traits. It wasn’t enough at all. So, this article is my absolute favourite one. One of my leadership guru, Robin Sharma’s words “To lead without a title”. More often, I believe leaders are the legends. We must honour them. No matter, if a leader won or not. Because a leader has given his/her fullest potential until the last moment.

If you are in a position, being as a leader. The first step should be your step. Once, your team players started depending on you. You need to balance yourself and your team too. You cannot simply hold the position as it is. A leader has to adjust the team. There are success and failures occurs simultaneously. Both success and failures are absolute required one to learn. In fact, as a leader, if you failed, the real critical challenge starts. People around will drag you down. They might say, will you quit as a leader for this setback?

So, you must have plan-B to execute and you need to build your team again. You must create a strong belief upon you among your team. I personally think these are few set of ways, every leader has to act.

Even today, I feel like, I was curious to search more. Here, what makes me share this one?

“Leadership” is a very important one in this era.

I’m gonna share from five Drucker’s lesson for leaders from an article written by Ronald E. Riggio, Ph.D. I gonna paste the source link down below. I sincerely encourage you all to visit further.


Ronald E. Riggio, Ph.D., is the Henry R. Kravis Professor of Leadership and Organizational Psychology at Claremont McKenna College.


Kravis Leadership Institute website, Twitter

In his new book, Drucker on Leadership, my friend, Bill Cohen, a student and colleague of Peter Drucker, extracts the leadership lessons that he learned from this great thought leader. Here are the lessons that Bill uncovered:

  1. Strategic planning is the first priority of the leader. Drucker believed that the leader’s job was to create the desired future for the company or the organization. The leader needed to be intimately involved with the strategic direction.
  2. Ethics and integrity are critical for leader effectiveness. Character and ethical behavior are of central importance for the leader. According to Drucker, followers might forgive leaders for mistakes, but will not forgive a lack of integrity.
  3. Model the military. Peter Drucker had great respect for how the military developed leadership, with an emphasis on character and leaders as positive role models. The military’s emphasis on commitment and “taking care of your people” are examples of what Drucker admired about military leadership.
  4. Motivation: Treat employees like volunteers. Peter greatly admired nonprofit organizations, and he extracted leadership lessons from them. If a leader treats employees as if they were volunteers – free to leave at any time – the leader pays greater attention to the non-monetary needs of workers, and moves from transactional motivation to transformational motivation.
  5. Leaders should be marketers. This surprising lesson really means that leaders should be focused on the customer, and be concerned about how customers view the organization and its products or services. The leader must set the tone for how the organization is viewed, and be its best representative.

Although little of Peter Drucker’s writings focused on leadership, there are many lessons for leaders in his work. Our thanks to William Cohen for highlighting them.



With respect.


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