I watch lots of documentaries such as entrepreneurial, historical, arts and several others. The moment I was watching, my mind strikes, I must search the writer’s documentary. I got a lot. One of the noteworthy documentaries was, J.K Rowling –A year in the life (TV, documentary, 2007). I just stumbled to see it. One the one hand, I felt motivated and excited. On the other hand, the real pain of a writer. When I was in my school days, I watched Harry Potter series such as Philosopher’s stone, Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban. In that time, I don’t know, there is a book available. But now, I got to know. Oh, Felt bad. Anyway, I gonna buy probably within the next two months.

One more, interesting and important moment to share, I had seen both the Harvard commencement speeches from Co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and Co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates. Then, I started paying interests on a couple more speeches. The one, that catches to my eye, J.K Rowling’s Harvard speech. Absolutely, phenomenal. I sincerely encourage you all to listen least once or one more time.

Today, I decided to write, writing lesson from J.K. Rowling. Quite honestly, this content I was waiting to write. I just thinking, thinking and thinking over the last couple of months. When I decided to write, more often, a couple of contents arises. So, that makes to keep procrastinating. For me writing is everything. I write, write and write. Still looking forward to write better. Still looking. As usual, I was thinking quite a lot regarding how to convey my personal experiences to you all and started researching a bit more. As I do, I often feel inspired to share the lessons from successful people. I took two sources to share. These are the key-take-away for all the writers.

Eight lessons on writing and five things her commencement speech teaches us:

  1. Use Your Own Voice
  2. Make Time to Write and be Ruthless About it
  3. Structure Your Writing (Map Out Your Novel)
  4. On the Use of Adverbs
  5. Give Your Characters Distinctive Traits
  6. Pay Attention to Pace
  7. Draw Your Characters and Inventions
  8. Don’t Give Up

Five things on her commencement speech.

  1. Other people will try to influence you
  2. Passing examinations does not determine your success
  3. No one likes failure, and we all fail
  4. Imagination is crucial in life
  5. Your friendships are important and should be valued




With respect.


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