When it comes to skills, I’m a volunteer to seek and learn more. Quite often I would say, updating your passionate skill is a tremendous one. But the relevant skills also absolutely required. Please correct me if I’m wrong, certain skills, maybe you have no idea to do. The industry requires you to do. That is actually very good. It is like a coin, on the side, you need to upgrade your likeable skill. On the other side, there is a requirement from the industry side or might be your mentor prefer you as well.

I personally, do what I like. I feel good and happy. But once, I got to know that at some point you need to learn what is required. Your boss or your co-founder might encourage you to learn some of the skills. So, nothing wrong. There is no end for upgrading yourself. Let’s learn, what we love. And let’s adapt our self and learn what is also needed.

But today, these eight skills are the most required one. I feel this is the right moment to equip more on these skills.

Here it is,

  1. Speaking up.
  2. Having confidence.
  3. Listening wisely.
  4. Know the real you.
  5. Managing your time.
  6. Stop whining.
  7. Being consistent.
  8. Being patient.


With respect.


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