Mindset matters. But the environment also pays off. If your workspace seems tidy and organized. Work will be smooth. So, I usually prefer to keep my places better organized. Precisely, my bookshelf and laptop table. Of course, there will be chaos. That’s okay. I will re-arrange it again. I kept on searching. So, I have chosen my five collections. Not exactly, which are shown in the pic. But quite honestly, I started creating this kind of workspace over a year. Even more, I started realizing, how important a workspace has to be. I would say, a workspace doesn’t look like gorgeous or lavish. Rather, you can select in your own way. You can choose, colour to paint on the wall, tables and chairs, stationeries, you can prioritize the files and papers, you can have your photo frame, any statue. Whatever you like.

I sincerely encourage you all to build your workspace for doing a productive and successful and most importantly a happy work. A happy feeling, while you are sitting in the room. That is absolutely required.


With respect.


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