When it comes to storytelling, I’m too careful to convey. I said my stories quite a lot in my earlier posts. But most often, I ask myself, will my storytelling ends with moral. I feel, whenever I share my personal experience as a “Lesson to learn” to the readers. It should sound meaningful. It must convey something. Whether it is my story or someone’s you are conveying doesn’t matter. It must end in a meaningful manner.

The biggest mistake I was doing is the art of conveying. I started lacking. I could not able to convey properly. I struggle with sentence fragmentation or grammar errors. Sometimes or quite often, I don’t have clarity at all. But I’m still looking forward to write. I started reading more fiction stories too. There is a lack of creativity within me also. I strongly believe in myself. I have a deliberate mindset to convey a story. I found two of the paths to convey a story too.

Rule number 1: I try to convey my personal experiences. Both good and bad/right and wrong of my stories. I will start and try to convey in a good manner.

Rule number 2: Repeat the Rule number 1.

A year before, I saved a Pinterest pic. Six ways to be a better storyteller. Of course, this pic is very important for me. I see storytelling is not a strategy. It is all about saying your personal story or someone’s or even beyond saying a creative story. Every reader has to feel/realize your story. Matters most.

I will paste the two source links down below. I sincerely encourage you all to visit further.




With respect.






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