Today is a bit productive day for me. I started getting back to my work. I got 40% of my work rhythm. Morning, I felt hard. Because over the last couple of days, I was enjoying much more. Then, I started with my morning journal and then spending/investing an hour for reading.

For me, this is too important. I never felt hesitated to enjoy or entertain. But the upcoming times seems hard for me. I wanna stay engaged with the tasks. I would say to myself, there will be a time to enjoy. Of course, there will be. But if you are on a journey towards building your carrier/lifestyle. Better try to avoid short-term pleasures. Try to take control of everything. Certain experiences and times are inevitable. That’s okay. Comeback and start it again.

Remember: If your actions wanna sound successful, you must act every day without much distraction.

Why am I saying?

Please don’t mistake me.

I feel like, there is a big break happened over the last several days. My routine was stopped. So, these experiences making me write. This is the lesson. A bright lesson.

If your progress was too good/if you succeeded. Then, it’s time for a tour.

If the progress was becoming harder and harder, please don’t get deviated. Don’t be too exhausted. It’s time to take a deep breathe/track your progress. Please don’t stop it, better keep doing until your results are good.

I personally learned you need to keep doing if the things are getting harder. There will be a hard time, but if you get into the habit of pausing while things are harder/seeking for entertainment. It will be very hard to pull it back.

So, until and unless you succeed or things are great. Stay engaged.

I learned the mistakes in my experience. Quite honestly, I got the gut feeling right now.


With respect.


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