The activities, the way I see the things, especially my thoughts.

I was in a full of self-realization road. That is what makes me search these pics. I wrote quite a lot on self-realization in the earlier blog posts. Even, still, I am searching. Even today, I decided to write a bit of deeper questions.

I feel like at this moment, I wanna stand in front of a mirror and ready to ask below questions.


If I want all of the above questions to be answered. I need to ask this every question jumping out of the bed and getting into the bed every day.

It is time to look, true and honest purpose of what is going on really in your life. Not too funny and not too serious. But setting the pace towards your destination.

Just a moment ago. I was thinking. Not selfishly. But some deeper questions.

What am I doing?

Might be I am agitated?

Still, feeling not okay?

What is working?

What is not working??

How am I with time management?

How were my aggressiveness and patience so far?

What is right?

What is wrong?

Am I true and honest to myself?

If I’m true and honest to myself, there would be room for fake and dishonest to anybody.

The truth within yourself will arise.

You should learn to search who you are, within yourself. It doesn’t mean that you are hurting or discouraging yourself. You should be quite happy with these questions. The technical term I could use it, you could have your own accountability. I hope, I used the right term. I was too careful to use this sort of technical terms. Even I was waiting to use it at the right moment. Anyway, it applied today.

I took these questions as the path towards self-realization.

Ladies and gentleman, constructive criticism accepted.

define 5define 4define 3define 2DEFINE 1


With respect.


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