It’s a piece of new information on editing. Well, these are required to learn. What I would say is, if you wanna learn. But you do not have much idea. It sounds something new to you. The better way is, you need to keep learning least a topic for every single day. Until you are feeling good. That’s what I do.

I started reading in my initial days. Even, I could not understand, what I am reading. I started writing. I have no idea, what I am gonna write. I just keep writing.

Simultaneously, I was thinking. Where can I learn?

I got books, magazines and the internet too. I kept doing it, instead of thinking, how am I gonna read and write. I just paused myself and then I started thinking, where am I gonna learn to read and wite. So, I have to start with good grammar skills, watching writers videos, what they are saying with regards to writing. Allocating time to write whatever without hesitation. Once, my reading and writing rhythm was good. Then I will start thinking, how I’m gonna write.

It’s all about, you need to read and write something new.

Yeah, the same methodology, what I applied in reading and writing. I started doing in editing too. A new one to learn.

So, here are the five book editors, you need to know. Again, I searched on Pinterest.



With respect.



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