I felt this is an important moment to share this particular pic. This is one of the thought-provoking and beautiful post. If I miss this, I still no idea. When am I gonna share?

Quite honestly, I have a bit lot to share. Along with, I would love to share my thoughts too. So, I need to do simultaneously. Because of the editing posts, I wanna go farther. Let’s see. I need to challenge myself. I personally as a start-up writer, I need a vision for start-up editor too.

I got it. When I was researching on editing. Feeling a bit lucky and deserved.

I would say, I got a universal law of attraction. When you started searching something, certain stuff will fall. Actually, you don’t even know, what’s going on.

Feeling quite happy.

Finally, these 33 tips sound massive. Well finally, there is a lot to learn from 33.

Let’s jump into it.



With respect.


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