I should write more to edit. I should edit more from my writing. Bit crazy?


But I should not edit someone’s blog or writings without their permissions. Rather, I would edit mine.

Why am I saying it?

I must understand and realize there is much more to edit from my own writings too.

Even for this post, I need to edit a lot more. I have to say, my progress is going like a marathon. More precisely, this it has no kilometres. As I say, it’s a life-long journey.

Let’s go:

  • If you wanna be an editor, you must have written a lot.

Additionally, you should have done a self-editing.

  • Well, grammar.
  • You should now lot more vocabularies.

Oh, readers please don’t mistake me. I am not contradicting here, if you hold an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in literature, definitely, it will gonna be great.

But I personally wasn’t from a literature background. Quite honestly, I have no idea of writing, when I was 15 years old. I’m writing diaries. I was absolutely crazy and ridiculous. So, my gut says, write every day, even you have a bad writing skills.

Then finally, I decided to take IELTS and TOEFL courses. I started preparing IELTS. I went to book stores and purchased relevant materials. Preparing. I wasn’t too good at English. I’m average. That doesn’t makes me upset. But I will take whatever, that needs to be done. Along with it, I started a bit deeper on APA and MLA styles guides.

Let’s pull back our attention towards the bulletin points.

  • You must have taken editing courses.
  • You must read fast and figure it out.
  • You must learn to convey politely to the writer that he/she made a mistake.
  • Please don’t mess with the writers. Because, they believe, as far they done very good editing on their book. They believe more, the rest would be taken by the editor.
  • Go-ahead with all the available research.
  • There is nothing wrong with admitting right or wrong.
  • Fortunately or unfortunately, you might not be perfect. Please take a challenge a try to perfect.
  • Don’t ever forget to nurture yourself.
  • Keep learning from whatever you are editing. There is something you can learn from something.


With respect.


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