I took a bit more serious about editing. I feel like, I would love to learn and be a good at it too.

I feel feverish, the butterflies in my stomach and a burning sensation towards editing. I’m crazy to do more on the editing part. I started thinking, how editing is such an important is for a writer. Because, I would debate, if a writer writes something, simultaneously, editing has to happen too. The writer has to do.

I would say to myself and the readers too. Please write and edit as far as you can.

Why am I saying?

When you wrote something and if you start editing. You feel the draft seems good. So, it doesn’t matter, after your book been written and goes to the editor. Those situations will gonna happen. That’s okay. Finally, that’s gonna be fine.

But. We as a writer could do it sincerely.

Oh, ladies and gentleman. Please don’t feel odd or awkward.

Why am I stretching the editing part?

Our drafts gonna be “GOOD”.

Here are the five editing pics. I would love to re-share it. Please have a look. Let me know if any suggestions in the comments below.

Constructive criticism accepted.



With respect.



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