25 Editing Tips for Tightening Your Copy:

Wow, it took more than a year to get into the editing part. Well, this is the 400th post.

Why am I saying???

Because quite often, at recent times I started and doing editing part bit by bit. Of course, I’m not good. I knew it. But I have to keep engaging. I cannot neglect or I should not give in to anyone, strategically. I personally don’t feel that’s good. I would like to edit.

I would love to correct something and I will fix it.

Writing is a part. But editing is a different part. I started understanding, whenever I write, I need to edit as good as. Over the last 50 posts, after I wrote, I will started rereading, spellchecks, grammatical errors.

I started researching on editing. I got 25 editing tips for tightening your copy.

Each one of the tips has such a good body paragraph. So, I could not copy and paste everything. Sometimes, I do. But sorry not quite often. I will paste the source link down below. I sincerely encourage you all to visit further.



SOURCES: https://thewritelife.com/edit-your-copy/


With respect.




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