If something affects you. Just learn to get rid-off. Because you need not simply or blindly should stay in the lane. That gonna be a terrible ending.

I’m not giving too much advice. But you should learn to step aside from certain people or situation. It is good for you and in and around you. There is nothing wrong with getting rid-off.

Here, you aren’t quitting the challenge that you are facing.

Here, you aren’t scared to face the people.

It’s just very good for you. If you did it.

You just do, you knew yourself right!

I think, so far my personal experience. You need to know, what to take it as a challenge. Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not making a chaotic statement here. I’m coming to agree. We have to face the life, whatever comes. That’s a strong mindset. And that’s needed too.

But only very few are you should learn to stay away. I cannot pinpoint here.

I personally faced a lot. I have a bad habit. Whatever comes, I’m gonna take it as a challenge. I’m not gonna give up at all. I have to win. I need to take lead. This is the way, my mind was programmed.

Sometimes, I have no idea. When to give up. Or what to give up.

I’m not started thinking at some moment. But I started realizing in some moment. So, that makes to write here, today.

I don’t take this content is a strategic one. Usually, never. Not even a single content. I have something to say here.

Ladies and gentleman, if you have this idea about getting rid-off. Or knowing when to stop certain stuff. Realize deeply, what’s gone so far. Even in the realization, you cannot make a decision in second. Just realize. Feel it. Eventually, you will know yourself.

Finally, you will give self-talk. This getting rid-off mindset, I applied here in the right moment. I’m happy. So, no room for regret at all.

I personally stretch this topic a lot.


With respect.



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